Sexual Assault informed treatment. Rapid Core Healing for Effective Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse and Trauma treatment

From Surviving to Thriving.

“We have the synchronicity of wisdom, knowledge and advanced skills for self-healing and empowerment from the trauma of sexual abuse. This is a precious gift for those who are ready to move on.

We are spreading this knowledge and practice  through Rapid Core Healing sessions and packages.

We also provide training for those who wish to specialise in this area.

You can recover from sexual abuse and sexual assault and go
“from surviving to thriving” 

At Rapid Core Healing you are offered unique, safe, gentle and deeply effective trauma informed processing in only a few sessions.

Our processes go far beyond managing symptoms, talk therapies and support groups. Our processes resolve your trauma quickly.

We work with Recovery From Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault and Trauma,
(Personal & trans-generational trauma) –

Rapid core healing for sexual abuse

See the interview about how Yildiz works with recovery from sexual abuse and ttrauma.

Gently,safely, deeply and fast. For those who are ready to move on and embrace life again with this unique approach

Who is Yildiz

Who is Yildiz Sethi?


  • Registered counsellor
  • Masters in Counselling
  • Psychotherapist
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist – registered with the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

Over the last twenty two years of private practice I have helped countless people out of the trauma. Trauma they still held of sexual abuse that may have happened recently or a long time ago.

The RCH process happens very quickly resulting in recovery and optimism in only a few sessions. Some victims may never have reported their abuse, while others have. Some have even gone through the court system in their attempt to find justice.

However, even in those rare cases that are successful, the people concerned still find that the memories and feelings persist. They continue to feel tainted at a deep level. They find it hard to let go of.

Many sexual abuse survivors have gone through the medical model of treatment.  They believe that nothing more can be done to help them.

In my practice the wide range of people usually require only a few sessions. This turns their life around. They feel that they can move on with more freedom and optimism.

Yildiz Sethi has developed ways that provide positive results in only a few sessions.

She is the psychotherapist at New Dawn who has founded and trademarked:

Whats different about our Recovery from Sexaul Assault?

“I had a pattern of sexual abuse that started with my father at the age of 6 and continued with sexual abuse in terms of date rapes. I had spent many years in weekly sexual abuse survivor groups. Initially this was good in not feeling so alone with my story, but later I realised we were all stuck in our abuse. Working with Yildiz has been life-changing as I have been able to finally leave the abuse pattern in the past and re-establish my-self-esteem. Since then, five years ago I have moved on and am in a lovely relationship for the first time and am a proud mother. Thanks you so much Yildiz”

Name witheld for confidentiality

Why the need for a new approach?

Why the need for a new approach to

Recovery From Sexual Abuse and Trauma?

Many victims remain survivors after counselling, support groups, medication and CBT. There are many well meaning organisations working in this area that adopt the medical model approach to sexual abuse and trauma, involve long term therapies. These are often cognitive behavioural therapies, art therapies, a wide range of talk therapies, EMDR and support groups. 

Current System

Many from this medical model believe that it is therapeutic to tell the story and often repeatedly. To unpack the situation or assault in order to process it. The problem is that this can re traumatise and leave the person stuck

Through this way of working people may progress over time from victim to survivor and get on with lives to some extent. However, they often:

  • suffer low self-esteem
  • find it difficult to maintain good relationships
  • frequently suffer depression and anxiety and other mental health issues including substance abuse

So, they have not recovered

The next Step from ME TOO is Healing

Our mission is to help you “from surviving to thriving”:

  1. Help People
    To make revolutionary, cost effective recovery from sexual assault treatment available to clients in only a few sessions.
  2. Train People
    There is recovery from sexual abuse and trauma training for those who wish to specialise in this area. Such training is now a reality. We have methodologies for the recovery of the psychological and emotional pain of sexual assault.
  3. Move on
    So that it can be left in the past. You can heal emotionally and psychologically and move on into a fuller life…. quickly.

The recent Royal Commission on sexual abuse in Australia and the ‘me too’ movement have shown us the extent of sexual abuse in society. See Science Direct 

We know that sexual abuse is a traumatic and life-altering experience.

Through many years of learning, study, practice and experience with clients, that recovery is not only possible but a natural outcome.

There is no longer a need to remain a survivor when we have the means to assist people to recovery relatively quickly.

” I came to Yildiz already having done many mindset practices and also a lot of energy work on two rapes I had that occurred when I was 19 and then again at 26. These practises all helped to some degree but something still wasn’t right and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.
You know, you don’t know how deeply something effects you until you do. That may sound silly to say but it is true. For me I just dealt with it and moved on with life, saying to myself yes that happened but life goes on and people have had much worse. But it does effect you. The shame and guilt that buries itself deep inside, your interactions with people, especially men, what you wear, the hyper – alertness. It all effects you and as time goes on it gets worse.
Don’t be that person who thinks they can cope on their own, or that they don’t need help, because you do, we all do.

Yildiz has so many years experience in many different fields and she has brought them all together to create one of the most beautiful and effective processes I have ever seen and gone through.

The trauma that my body still held really surprised me and I found Yildiz to be exceptionally skilled in guiding through the trauma, resourcing the trauma and out the other side, I felt 100% safe in her gentleness, her knowledge and her guidance.
What has changed for me after working with Yildiz?
I no longer feel the deep shame and guilt and to me this is the most precious gift.
I no longer hide, keep quiet or reduce myself in any way.
The best way I can describe it is that I feel far better than I did before, I have me back again, and I am profoundly grateful for that.
If you are reading this and something in you is saying yes then please get in contact with her.  You have everything to gain.”
Mag, NSW

“At first I was unsure as to whether Yildiz could help me resolve my issue around a sexual assault that I only came to formally acknowledge recently after many years of supression. I was frightened at the prospect of entering into a cycle of retelling my story again and again, instinctively it just didn’t feel right, and wondered if there was another way.

Not long after, I found New Dawn and Yildiz. Her approach is like nothing else I have experienced previously when it comes to approaching and resolving significant abuse. I use the word resolving but would also like to add in dissolving, within 3 sessions I have been able to confidently move forward in my life, in many aspects of my relationship not only with others but most importantly with myself. I felt completely supported and safe for the entire process, Yildiz, thank you for what you have offered me, I am very grateful”

“Trauma from sexual abuse has dogged me for most of my life, I’m now in my early 50’s. I was sexually abused by a trusted family friend from the age of 3yrs old until I was 10.  The trauma was so intertwined in my life, clouded everything I did, that it just became normal.

Whenever I walked onto a bus or was in new surroundings, I would scan the area for the safest spot and quick exits, without even realising.   It impacted my marriages and how I raised my own children.  I had attended counselling sessions in my 30’s and tried CBT in my 40’s, but it didn’t really help.  


Then I was devastated by the news that two of my own children had also been abused.  This was my worst nightmare coming true.  It threw me into the depths of depression, and my family in turmoil.

I was introduced to Family Constellation. After the first session I found that family patterns started to shift, and the heavy burdens I carried all my life were slowly releasing.  I knew this was the beginning of my healing journey and wanted to help others with similar experiences.  I then met Yildiz and trained to become a Family Constellation and EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) practitioner.  Yildiz’s expertise in working with releasing sexual trauma was compassionate and on-point. EMI was the missing piece of the healing puzzle.  
I am now confident, and optimistic.  I am able to talk about my sexual abuse without reliving it, and have been able to use my experiences to help my own children as well as others.  Thank you Yildiz for your dedication and devotion in assisting people to rebuild their lives and have a brighter future.  From my own personal experience, I believe that EMI and Family Constellations can help people heal from sexual abuse.  You no longer have to be a victim or a survivor.”
Marjana, NSW