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by | Jul 30, 2019 | Rapid Core Healing

www.rapidcorehealing.comWe all seek solutions and for the most part we find our own solutions all the time, but at certain points in life we arrive at road blocks or situations that are overwhelming that we can’t find solutions for. Sometimes the situation can’t be changed, but we are challenged in what to do with our understanding, sadness, anger or disbelief. At other stages of life, we may look for personal growth and career advancement and may look for inspiration or support in this. We may choose to go to counselling or coaching or personal development groups to find our best solutions.

In counselling we may talk it through and gain some understanding or awareness, but for deeper problems this may not be enough as the feeling, thoughts or behaviour often remain. This is because the information is trapped in the mind and body tissues.At this point it is often suggested that the issue can’t be changed or healed and may only be managed by continuing therapy and medication, often for life. Counselling works with the conscious mind and is not equipped to work with deeper issues in a timely way.

In searching for a better solution we may progress to psychotherapies to go into the deeper psyche. These are traditionally longer-term approaches where over-time, the source of the problem may arise, or it may improve or resolve. Often it doesn’t as people frequently emerge with lots of information about their issue but little change.

There are also many who prefer not to be seen as sick or problematic in going to counselling or mental health help and perceive coaching as a more acceptable and less stigmatised approach. Coaching may be seen as a solution focused, optimistic and empowering approach for life challenges, strategies and goals mainly through the conscious mind using cognitive and logical processes. Coaching generally has an attitude of promoting autonomy and accountability that encourages either facing or ignoring fears, pushing through blocks and ‘faking it till you make it,’ with many using a little NLP for good measure. Again it is working in the area of the mind that is cognitive or conscious and not the unconscious blocks. Effective knowledge and use of NLP techniques may go deeper. This works well for many until they hit deeper issues.

Rapid Core Healing is applied neuroscience that bridges the gap between counselling and coaching. It is a brief intervention of only a few sessions and is composed of a range of techniques to go to the core of the issue quickly, assist people in finding their best solutions. Rapid Core Healing (RCH) releases or resolves disturbed emotions, changes mind-set and facilitates integration into greater awareness within each session. This means people can get on with their lives in which-ever way they choose. Suitable for trauma recovery, healing, growth and transformation.

The science of epigenetics shows that DNA is largely influenced by their environment. Environment is influenced by generational trauma, emotional state and stress while neuroscience shows that the brain and the mind can heal and grow new neural pathways. This science provides good foundations for Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing in facilitating trauma recovery, growth and emotional and mind healing that is fast and highly effective in resolving the emotional and psychological content of the environment that control switching DNA on or off.

This is ground breaking evidence supporting the fact that change and healing are possibilities with appropriate methodologies.

Rapid Core Healing is a holistic dual approach that works with the systemic (generational) and personal aspects of an issue that is thorough so that people may emerge feeling lighter, stronger, integrated and motivated quickly. Family Constellations is used for the systemic and Emotional Mind Integration is used for the personal aspects of their issues. Rapid Core Healing runs on the belief that people are resourceful and capable of self-healing, change, growth and transformation. This is supported by neuroscience and epigenetics findings that is largely being ignored by the medical model of mental health that is largely controlled or underpinned with the pharmaceutical industry.

With Rapid Core Healing all that is required is commitment to change and a few sessions for more than 90% of the population (excluding the with a serious DSM 5 diagnosis such as schizophrenia)

If you are a coach or counsellor who would like to really make a difference for those who seek your help and at the same time elevate your position in your field with practical knowledge and skills you may become a Rapid Core Healing practitioner.

If you are not working in the field but would like to become a Rapid Core Healing practitioner and have a calling to help people make change you may do the training take out insurance and start a new career.

To be a Rapid Core Healing practitioner you will need to book into the Family Constellations foundation training (13 days) and Emotional Mind Integration training (6 days) and the final Rapid Core Healing module (3 days). A total of 21 days of training to start a new career or significantly move into the next level of effectiveness with your present career.

Those who wish to deepen their proficiency further in Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration may do more advanced training if they choose.

For those who would like to work with the generational patterns that persist  join a Family Constellation workshop. This is a powerful brief, experiential, solution focused approach. Book in

For private sessions of Family Constellations for the generational and relationship issues or with personal disturbances and trauma book into Emotional Mind Integration or for the full combination Rapid Core Healing book a Rapid Core Healing session or package  Here

In working with the systemic, generational issues and patterns that persist I hold regular workshops in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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