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Lisa Jonas

Inner Gift and Artist Family Constellations (Northern Rivers, NSW)

Lisa is an Family Constellation Facilitator, who strongly emphasizes the existential needs of the individual and empowers seekers of joy and inner harmony to stand in their own light.

Inner Gift Family Constellations for Holistic Well‐being

Re‐claiming our dignity and sense of belonging opens the doors to a greater sense of self‐respect, self‐ acceptance and self‐love. In Lisa’s Family Constellation workshops and sessions, we gently clear the energetic burdens and imbalances of the family system and re‐align with our natural state of well‐being and heart connection.

Lisa’s ‘Inner Gift Family Constellation’ Workshops are usually followed by a 1‐Day ‘Inner Gift Alignment’ Workshop, which facilitates individual trauma release and self‐awareness exercises in a nurturing and judgment‐free environment.

Family Constellation for Artists and Creatives

Lisa facilitates ‘Family Constellation for Artists and Creatives’ with a strong focus on supporting our ‘Inner Artist/Creator’ and enhancing the flow of ‘Creative Life Force’.

The 1‐Day ‘Family Constellation for Artists’ Workshops are usually followed by the ‘Artist Empowerment’ Workshop on the next day, in which more individual work will be done on topics like creative blocks, inner critic issues, creative self‐sabotage, performance anxiety and procrastination.


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