Systemic Business Constellation training with Rapid Core Healing

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Business Constellations

Business Constellations is Advanced Constellation training for:

  1. Resolving deep feelings of unworthiness, blocks and sabotage that hold people back from success
  2. Clearing and restructuring business plans and goals to enable healthy growth
  3. Optimising and restructuring organizations, culture, HR, management structure, employees and customers to make productive and healthy environments.

Why Do Business Constellation Training?

  1. Business Constellation knowledge and experience provides you with the edge in a coaching capacity to assist your customers in resolving blocks and sabotage patterns succinctly and efficiently.
  2. Business Constellations may be used with organisations for restructuring and optimising businesses from small to large. Mercedes in Europe use the constellation process in their organisation to expose what business and marketing studies and research are unable to do and quickly.
  3. As a psychotherapist or counsellor Business Constellations gives you the capacity to help professionals with their career or business grow as well as their personal growth increasing our capacity to work with professional people.
  4. Business Constellation training is deep personal development work to increase your own sense of worthiness or to optimise the health of your work practice, career or business within the training

The problem is that companies often look only at facts, figures, technology, marketing and seek guidance from accountants, business studies and research with little consideration of the social or cultural essence of the humanity that is at the crux of their network.

As with Family Constellations our inner structures, associations, feelings and perceptions create our reality. If this is healthy we may expect all to go well. This is often discounted in the business and professional worlds. Likewise, the history, culture, structure, roles and the essence of a company have an effect on the companies success rate as do internal, social and business structures.

Business Constellations can quickly show the weak links, problems or blocks in a business system and also point to possible solutions and Quickly.

Business Constellations fits well with those involved with both personal and professional development and is a potent way or working with organisational matters in giving unique and insightful perspectives in revealing blind spots and hence allowing clarity to come in new decisions.

What Advanced Systemic Business Constellation training Brisbane

When 26-27 November 2019

Who Suitable for Coaches, financial advisers, counsellors, psychotherapists

The Trainer Yildiz Sethi is the facilitator and trainer of Advanced Business Constellations and the creator of Advanced Business Constellations training. She regularly uses Business Constellation in her workshops and in private sessions


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