Training Testimonials

Co-Founder, Executive Leadership Coach and Rapid Core Healing Practitioner Abedha Transformations Pty. Ltd

Sophie Birgan
Director Mind Body Health, Psychotherapist, Coach and Rapid Core Healing Practitioner

This training has been a journey for me in taking the Family Constellations and the Emotional Mind Integration as well as the Rapid Core Healing helped a great deal in my self-transformation, to become a change agent for a positive society.


Leadership Coach

Powerful new modern modalities. Bringing many modalities into this time in history at a time where we know that neural pathways can be changed where people participate in self healing. The RCH course was fantastic, clear, easy to follow. Changing neural pathways by releasing trapped emotions from the body. Very experiential.



This is a very relevant and highly professional course for therapists, coaches and others who are practitioners of Family Constellations.


I can’t express my gratitude for the knowledge and skills I have gained. My former therapeutic training was fine to bring me into the field but Rapid Core Healing training has given me so much to deal with such a wide range of issues. It has transformed me and the way I work and is such a gift for my clients. Highly recommended.


RCH is a powerful modality which combines both systemic and personal sides of the issue to be cleared for good. It works in such a clever, brief and compassionate way to deal with the core issue from all different sides. I simply cant think of any other modality doing that amount of work in such a short amount of time with that level of precision for lasting results. I recommend this modality to whoever wants to help others if they truly want to facilitate healing pathways to empower their client for the rest of their lives. Thanks Yildiz

Gamze Cassandra Evren

Highly recommend the RCH course to practitioners at all levels.

Vin Gannon

Rapid Core Healing works quickly and effectively working with such a variety of issues to clear them at their core.


RCH has given me a succinct way of working with my clients in gaining the best results for them. The combination of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration is a powerful modality which quickly gets to the core issue so the individual can gain more peace and clarity in their life.