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by | May 17, 2019 | Emotional Mind Integration Training

About Rapid Core Healing

There was a time in the early 2000’s when you went to a coach for career, health, sporting, direction or clarification in the setting and attainment of goals. This has spread to a wide range of specialist coaches accommodating the publics’ needs in many areas of life.

During the same period there has been a movement to improve mental health in an attempt to reverse the stigma attached to being labelled as mentally ill. The movement has been to encourage those with mental health issues to go to their doctor. While well-meaning, in trying to raise awareness and reverse the stigma, it could be argued the results have not all been positive. For many it’s had the opposite effect in terms of wellness that has resulted in an escalation in mental health diagnoses and a large increase in the use of medication, often for life, for conditions that may well be treated effectively into recovery by other means. (There is the potential for a long debate here.) At the same time those who choose not to go to the medical model in finding another way, often choose to go to a coach. This means that as a coach, many of the people you see may easily be diagnosed with depression, anxiety or a number of other conditions if they were to be assessed by a doctor.

Coach’s focus on looking forward and helping their customer’s create and achieve goals and personal growth and are normally not interested in looking back at problems or unresolved feelings. That is the domain of counselling and psychotherapy.

However, the public often don’t know where to go for the help and find themselves in a coaching rather than the therapeutic sphere. This means coach’s need to be aware of what they are working with and if in doubt need to follow a duty of care and the need to be aware of legal and ethical issues towards the public in terms in referring customers to specialist help if necessary.

That leaves a grey area between the coaching and the mental health professionals to navigate.

While coaches are equipped to deal with confidence, confusion, motivation and choices, they are normally not equipped to deal with deeper psychological or emotional issues that may be the block or sabotage pattern that holds their client back from progressing.

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP was presented in the early 2000’s as a simple to use and appropriate way to work with such issues and was largely adopted by the coaching world.

I too am an NLP practitioner and have enjoyed using it. This has been a revolutionary modality that spoke to many in the coaching world in providing a set of tools to assist people make change in a way that didn’t feel like therapy, even though in reality it is. You could use it for language, thoughts, beliefs and mind states.

Many years later coach’s still train in and use NLP.

You appreciate a quick easy fix to a stuck state and so do your customers.

In 2019 there is another way to work that goes way beyond NLP in its ease of use and application and depth of results and resolutions that people find for a wide range of applications. This includes mindsets, emotional states, blocks and limitations and trauma. Each process of Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) clears a neural pathway of disturbances, from its core presentation to the present, leaving the client free to go forward. It is well designed and structured to be concise, elegant, efficient, safe and covers all bases to ensure fast, effective results.

I am a thought leader in Mind Science and the founder of Emotional Mind Integration which trainees, former NLP partitioners say is several leagues ahead of NLP on many fronts.

In developing EMI I have drawn the best from the past of former psychology, psychotherapies and hypnotherapy with the latest in neuroscience to make a way of working that is like no other.

EMI is a highly versatile Mind science that may be used for mental health as well as the wide range of potential coaching and personal development issues.

I come from a scientific and teaching background where I spent many years as a physics and chemistry teacher, before a change of direction, when I developed a passion for helping people make deep inner change. With this in mind, I became a counsellor and psychotherapist and soon realised these did not fulfil my criteria of helping people make deep and effective change and quickly.

One of my biggest motivations is that I never accepted that deep change couldn’t or shouldn’t take place quickly with appropriate knowledge and skills. This is now supported by the latest discoveries in neuroscience and brain plasticity and the ability for recovery.

Over many years of searching for the most effective methodologies, I discovered systemic constellations in 2005. This revolutionised my practice and effectiveness with systemic issues.

I became deeply involved in facilitating Family and Business Constellations private sessions, seminars and training for systemic issues and was looking for a similarly powerful process for the non-systemic issues. Most of the issues people face are either personal, coming from life experiences, choices and mindset; this also includes emotional-set too in the personal, or alternatively coming from their family system (systemic). My problem was that I was happily working with the systemic with Family and Business Constellations but didn’t have a similarly powerful way to work with the non-systemic.

This search resulted in my development of Emotional Mind Integration over many years of work with clients. It is grounded in theory, knowledge and practice that gains replicable results with most of the population.

I had entered the arena of Mind Science.

My criteria for Mind Science is that it is composed of the best from the past and present in providing replicable deep, and powerful results………. quickly.

I offer EMI training to people who help people and am particularly interested in sharing it with coach’s as they are often excited by innovative and free thinking in actively seeking up-to-date knowledge and skills that can put them at the leading edge of their field.

I believe that with EMI under your belt you will be better equipped to deal with the changing role of Coach’s for the present and into the future. I am excited to see where it can lead.

I have a book on this called Rapid Core Healing which gives deeper explanations of why and how I have developed my innovations and another called Be Rich AND Spiritual that shows what The Secret didn’t reveal in terms of how to be abundant in a grounded and realistic way.


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