The risks of Innovation Yildiz Sethi

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Innovation

Its scary going against the grain. Challenging conventional thought in pointing out simpler pathways to powerful solutions. Ways that require less time and analysis and deliver immediate and permanent change.

Einstein was ridiculed for his visions of matter, energy time and space that went against the grain of the conventional thinking of the time.

Closer to my own field of interest the work of Bert Hellinger in working with family systems in a totally out of the box way. Original thought about what is required for healing. Love connection and order.

The Hellinger approach seemed so far removed from another pioneer Freudian analysis and behavioural and cognitive therapies and the complexity of the unravelling and discovery processes of humanistic psychotherapies to be unbelievable. Seemed ridiculously simple. And yet Family Constellations with its unique way of tapping into the energy fields of relational and generational systems in locating the stresses and strains and tensions experienced by its members and through a relatively simple process using representatives to release disturbances and pent up emotions with the use of powerful Healing sentences

The system freed to reforming a healing way is revolutionary. FC is now a popular and powerful alternative to personal and relational wellness in many European countries Germany, Spain and many others, S America and growing in other countries.

For a while I have been using a methodology I have developed with my clients that short cuts conventional psychotherapy and counselling in utilising neural pathways. Using the minds ability to visualise and the mind and body’s ability to sense and track back through neural pathways to the start of a disturbance, conflict or trauma provide pathways for self-healing and resolutions and complete each session with an integration of the process with self love. This creates permanent change and is a process I have developed and been using for many years on a daily basis with clients. It has the advantage of not requiring an exploration of he clients story and utilises the fact that there is no separation between the mind body and heart. The process relies on basic human need principles for health and wellness. These are love, connection, safety, justice, dignity and autonomy.

Having discovered a more effective way of working with people in providing self-healing pathways, there is the decision of whether I declare it and if I do how. I will be going against the grain of accepted thinking, challenging traditional research and practice and risking being vilified.

So I do this knowing that only those who are seeking better ways to work that give reliable repeatable positive results with clients because the welfare of their clients is more important than staying within the safety of their field will join me.
As the movement of EMI facilitators grows with more practitioners achieving reliable results, this may turn to interest and acceptance from the public in the formation of a new way to perceive and resolve mental health, conflicts and trauma that puts love, connection, safety, justice, dignity and autonomy are at the centre of human wellbeing.