The toxic pill –  The double-edged sword  Yildiz Sethi

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Rapid Core Healing training


As a practitioner in private practice I know it is difficult for people to look at my websites and attempt to work out if I am genuine and if the claims I make are credible or valid in terms of being able to recover from depression, anxiety or trauma related issues, such as PTSD or sexual abuse recovery or change relationship or generational patterns. And if so, in only a few sessions.

What are they meant to think, if according to popular opinion coming out of the media, blogs and medical ‘expert’ opinion, they are constantly told, they should not be ashamed of their mental health condition and are advised to open up to family, friends and colleagues in the workplace and seek professional help from their local doctors and social services? Encouraged to enter the Medical Model of streamed services funded by Medicare (Australia). Be prescribed a number of Cognitive Behavioural therapy, EMDR and Mindfulness sessions and frequently given supporting medication and a diagnosis for their mental health condition, that is frequently for life.

This has resulted in a higher percentage than ever of the population given mental health labels and more medication being consumed than ever.

Many people may have a sense of relief in being given a diagnosis, medication and an explanation that their mind or body chemistry is not functioning properly, perhaps due to physical malfunction, former abuse, trauma or hereditary factors.

On the positive side, the Medical Model treatments including medication, provide assessments, strategies and explanations of cognitive and behavioural dysfunctions but are aimed at managing symptoms only. Frequently, recovery is not proposed as a possibility.

There is no doubt that opening up to others and not being ashamed of mental health problems is beneficial. So any movement to normalise peoples’ often painful inner-world, that includes finding that they are not alone with it, must be positive, less isolating and less lonely. However, this can become a double edged sword. They are frequently only given one pathway to follow. This is the traditional Medical model that is closely linked with a thriving pharmaceutical industry with vested interests to continue their growth that is underpinned with outdated beliefs.

The tradition medical model is still run on the belief dating back four hundred years, that a mind that is deemed to be dysfunctional, can’t be fixed. The brain, body-chemistry, thinking and feeling patterns can’t be changed.

This is a problem that neuroscience and epigenetics studies and research has demonstrated is untrue, for the vast amount of people who suffer with depression, anxiety and trauma related issues in particular. These discoveries although profound and freely available in scientific and also popular media, have not been taken into the foundations of the education of medical schools in traditional universities and hence the treatment models being offered to the public at this time. Most current social workers, psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists are still being held tightly by their traditional professional bodies and not being exposed or encouraged to explore or receive updated professional development about the relevant latest neuroscience findings and how these may impact diagnosis and treatment, beyond simply managing symptoms, away from simply managing symptoms but towards recovery with far less use of medication. A movement more focused on putting theory into practice now in ways that deliver replicable and effective results is required.

A movement that would save huge amounts of money and ultimately provide more personal satisfaction for medical practitioners and hope for their patients. Hope of growth and recovery, when they are told by those who are held in such high esteem in society (the medicos), that the brain has the capacity to grow and heal under appropriate conditions and therapeutic approaches.

Further, we need to revisit the idea that it is the human condition to go through stages of depression and anxiety in the ups and down of life experiences, where grief, disappointments and shocks take place for all of us and we frequently need to be reminded that we do have the capacity to regroup, recover and grow. Even more so, with the knowledge available from neuroscience, epigenetics and the latest innovations in psychotherapy.

We are at a pivotal point in our evolution as a species, where we are faced with having to look at ourselves, what we are doing to the planet, environment, extinction of species and our own imminent extinction if we continue to ignore what is being shown now. Covid itself is showing us where our priorities and beliefs have been faulty and how in looking after the most vulnerable in our society, is of benefit to all. At this point in time, we are each being challenged to look at our own areas of focus and the bigger picture of where we need to go and have the courage to speak up or make the changes required.

In my area, mental health issues have soared and the medical model of mental health has been overwhelmed and people like myself have decided to move forward in our own small way in creating more up-to-date effective methodologies to relieve human suffering. I am providing services for those who are ready to look at another other path of the double edged sword, towards better mental health and training for those who wish to join me in making a difference.

I am offering online training NOW of Emotional Mind Integration, Systemic Family Constellations, Rapid Core Healing, Recovery From Sexual Abuse, Recovery From Trauma.

I remain optimistic that at this pivotal time in our history, more of us will wake up and do what is necessary to turn towards a more sustainable, optimistic and compassionate world where we use the knowledge available that points away from vested financial interests, in favour of the greater good for all.

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