The Value of Being Eclectic

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Rapid Core Healing

It’s fairly common to find psychotherapists who consider themselves eclectic in their approach to psychotherapy. There is no doubt they put a lot of effort into looking at a wide range of approaches and techniques in a quest to be more helpful for their clients. But what does it mean?

Two snapshot definitions of eclectic.

‘deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

‘denoting or belonging to a class of ancient philosophers who did not belong to or found any recognized school of thought but selected doctrines from various schools of thought.’

I quickly discovered my basic training lacking in being able to provide the help that my clients required. I was on a search for better ways of working. I became eclectic in my early days as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner with an additional tool-bag from many schools of thought. With many techniques and strategies up my sleeve that I could whip out, when I got stuck with a client. A stubborn block or dysfunctional belief, behaviour, feeling or pattern that was hard to break-through or resolve. I would perhaps try this or that and if we got lucky with fingers crossed, maybe a change would take place.

While this was a solution of sorts to working with the unfathomable complexity of human experience and suffering, it left me feeling deeply dissatisfied with my knowledge and practice. It was obvious I didn’t really understand the fundamental cause of what goes wrong, or is missing in human experience. I didn’t understand the requirements for human wellness or what can be done to remedy it, in a timely manner. I felt like I’d got myself into ‘deep water without a paddle.’

As I looked around for deeper more satisfying answers, I found I was one of the majority in the mental health field. Most people making one of two choices. Mast themselves to a traditional philosophy or approach, that was rooted in the early to mid-nineteenth century who, regardless of its often painfully slow progress for their clients, continue staunchly in this path or alternatively become eclectic.

Those of us with an eclectic attitude had a vague notion of looking for something better. Anything rather than staying stuck and watching our clients suffer. It had its  purpose in keeping me searching, so I am grateful for that.

Since then I have been fortunate in my search and my learnings from my clients in discovering what works and what doesn’t. In gaining some foundational understanding of the deeper realms of human experience. What the deepest universal conditions for human wellness are and how desires, betrayals, disappointment, shocks and trauma operate to cause dis-ease and dysfunction. I’m still learning, but now I work at cause,’ rather than with symptoms. Locating the cause of a condition of problem quickly and efficiently using the neural pathways of the client as the guide. I have teased out 6 core requirements for wellness and developed methodologies that are relatively simple and deeply effective, for the safe resolution, release and resetting of the mind and heart. Creating conditions for homeostasis to take place and space for the brain to rewire…..quickly.

I now work with a deeply foundational knowledge and practice that covers a wide base of human behaviour where I no longer need a tool bag. Have skills that can work with problems that come from attachment bonding, relational entanglements, conflicts, improving mental health, systemic patterns and personal and systemic trauma in ways that deliver results in only a few session. My work is now deeply satisfying and relatively simple and my door is constantly revolving as clients move on in their lives renewed and new ones enter.

I now offer a range of practitioner certifications and also a unique Hypnotherapy Diploma for Personal and Systemic solutions for this of you who want to join me changing the face of psychotherapy in the twenty first century.
Creating a deeply fulfilling career in making a difference.

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