The Value of Hypnotherapy

by | Dec 18, 2022 | Rapid Core Healing

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 Many people are confused about what hypnotherapy is.
Don’t know what benefits it can have.


We have known since the time of Freud that our mind is made up of conscious and subconscious elements. The nature of the mind is to repress painful feelings and experiences to protect us. Also superfluous information that is unimportant like every detail of your shopping trip or your journey to work.


The problem with the supressed painful information is that it forms triggers into our daily life and can connect with the painful information, causing a wide range of symptoms like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem and sabotage patterns and a range of mainly negative emotions and beliefs.

In talking about our symptoms as in regular counselling, the cause of the symptom is often never exposed.


Hypnotherapy may be split into two parts. Hypnosis or trance which causes the conscious mind to relax and allows us access to the cause of symptoms or behaviour and Therapy. The therapy is what hypnotherapists use to work with the underlying cause in ways that is conducive to the persona nd resolves the problem or feeling. This includes trauma.


Becoming a Hypnotherapist transformed the way I was working as a registered counsellor, so that people only required a few sessions to gain good results


I am holding Trauma training that is certified for people who would like to really make a difference to the wide range of mental health issues in our community.

 Details of Trauma Training Here