Do your clients’ psychological issues hamper their ability to reach their goals?

Do you wish you could help them break out of entrenched habits, emotions and mindsets?

Take your clients on a profound healing journey to peace, power and self with Emotional Mind Integration (EMI).

Grounded in neuroscience and psychology, EMI is a fast and potent technique that helps people rapidly find their own solutions.

EMI translates neuroscience into practical solution-focused techniques for healing, change and mindset shifts to enable clients resolve inner conflicts and shift into more positive emotional states.

EMI fast-tracks the mindset shift and healing process to enable clients to resolve issues more powerfully than traditional coaching.

“I’ve utilised a multitude of techniques over the years and have gone on my own coaching journeys many times. EMI is miraculous. The depth of the approach enabled me to get to the very core of the issues and resolve them in a way that traditional coaching never reaches.”

- Lisa Rubinstein

former Global Head of Coach Development, Results (now Neuroleadership Group)

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