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Trauma is the Key underlying Many Issues

What is trauma?

Trauma may be viewed as personal or systemic- transgenerational trauma.

Personal Trauma is that which develops through the experiences of life, that may include problematic or traumatic events and relational connections. Alternatively it may be systemic, part of your family system or ancestral, transgenerational lineage.

The problem with trauma

Personal trauma.

Trauma is normal and if it is processed effectively, recedes safely into our past as part of our history in a comfortable way. Trauma that has not been able to be processed is repressed and becomes trapped in the body and unconscious mind as arrested fight and flight responses and frequently become the core of involuntary Emotional Mind States for depression, anxiety, panic attacks and mental health problems.

How Personal Trauma is created

Personal trauma may also be created through the stress of poor attachment bonding, relationships and family generally, or problematic events from formative or later times, up to the present. In the case of personal trauma from life experiences, it is frequently experienced as a physiological response to the disturbances, conflicts and shocks. This may be of varying degrees of severity including abuse, verbal, emotional, sexual abuse, violence, accidents and war with a range of severities. This may be shown in mental health and relational difficulties up to Post Traumatic Distress Disorder (PTSD).

 What happens to personal unprocessed trauma?

Personal unprocessed trauma may become the underlying mechanisms responsible for mental health issues. These may be coming from our formative years, from childhood to the present.

Resolving personal trauma

Talk therapies and strategies and tools for managing it, while useful are limited in terms of recovery. Trauma is trapped primarily in the unconscious mind and requires a methodology that can access it in a time and cost effective manner that is also safe and gentle.

,To this end I have created EMI, Emotional Mind Integration specifically for the solution of personal trauma. EMI is a neuro-trance psychotherapy, an advanced form of Hypnotherapy not yet taught in hypnotherapy training other than my own training. The EMI modality has been designed to locate the source of the disturbance quickly and safely at its core, through a series of processes to relax and locate the disturbance, provide safety and access and assist the client onto their own healing pathways to the resolution and release of trapped fight and flight responses; one session at a time. Thereby clearing one neural pathway at a time until the symptoms have been resolved. This requires an average of 3-5 sessions for most people.

systemic trauma

Systemic trauma is trauma that is held by the system and the individuals within the system. This is carried from one generation to the next as part of the environment experienced by the DNA. This is shown by the latest research of Epigenetics.

The Problem with Systemic trauma

Its hard to recognise or locate and resolve until you have the knowledge and skills. The problem is how to recognise and work with systemic or generational trauma which is out of conscious vision and locked in the generational mind, in a way that is effective. This is a systemic problem that is not accessible by non-systemic or conscious-focused methodologies.


Systemic modality Systemic Family Constellations

In working with the systemic I use Systemic Family Constellations. This is a modality that is designed to locate and assist in resolving generational trauma and relational links, patterns and issues in a powerful, brief and experiential manner.


Rapid Core Healing RCH

Rapid Core Healing Trauma Recovery

Work with the personal and systemic aspects of trauma with one dual modality

Rapid Core Healing founded by Yildiz is Emotional Mind Integration for persona trauma and relational issues and Systemic Family Constellations for transgerational or systemic traum and relational issues in one two-pronged modality for deep, fast, experiential treatment of a wide range of personal, relational, mental health and trauma related issues including recovery from sexual abuse. All available here Rapid Core Healing 

I know many will find this hard to beleive until you have experienced it, working this way requires only 3-5 sessions for significant cahnge or recovery for most people excluding serious DSM5 issues such as psychosis, bipolar or personality disorders.


Yildiz holds a Range of exciting practitioner trainings for trauma recovery

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For Personal and Systemic generational trauma and patterns

Recovery From Sexual Abuse training

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