Trauma Informed Training

Trauma Informed training with Rapid Core Healing with the founder
Yildiz Sethi 

Rapid Core HealingVictims do not have to stay as victims or survivors, when they can recover and thrive.

 The training offers the knowledge and skills to identify and process trauma without re-traumatisation. Clearing one neural pathway at a time each session.
Requiring only a few sessions for complex trauma

Online Trauma Training

From Victim to Survivor to thriving in only a few sessions.

The latest innovation for effective processing that is trauma informed that is only available HERE.with the founder™ Yildiz

Trauma informed and Trauma skilled training takes place through Rapid Core Healing triple mastery training.
At Rapid Core Healing I recognise that trauma is held in the body and mind and comes from at least two pathways.
This led to the founding of Emotional Mind integration nd Rapid Core Healing.
Specific methodologies are required that do not involve talk therapies to locate and process without re-traumatisation.
With Rapid Core Healing processing, this takes place e deeply, efficiently and effectively and quickly.

1 Family Constellations 12 weeks for generational trauma

2 Emotional Mind Integration EMI for personal trauma 9 weeks

3 Rapid Core Healing for the combination approaches for Personal and Systemic Solutions. 6 Weeks

Total trauma training in 27 weeks depending on dates of available trainings.However, you may start using your new found knowledge as soon as you have completed each of the Rapid Core Healing practitioner trainings as long as you add it to your indemnity insurance or purchase indemnity insurance.

Suitable for a wide range of trauma including PTSD and Sexual abuse, sexual assault trauma recovery

Rapid Core Healing
When can I start using this training with my clients?

On completion of your first training Emotional Mind Integration (for the personal traumas)  or Family Constellations (for the generational traumas), you will receive your certificate  and purchase indemnity insurance and start working.

If you do the next training Emotional Mind Integration or Family Constellations you add it to your existing insurance.

Ongoing support
  • You may choose to continue with us with supervision or mentoring as you develop your practice.
  • You may be added to our ‘Trained By Us’ Pages on my websites, so you may be found online.
  • You may stay in contact with your fellow trainees.
Trauma Training
  • Fully Online
  • The training is a triple mastery Rapid Core Healing training.
    Self paces modules. Downloaded notes. Reading, Videos, tasks, quizzes
  • 5 day experiential component in each training on zoom.
  • Case studies on completion of each training
  • Learn how to work with groups and private sessions in person or online.
What will you learn in trauma training?
  • Family Constellations. Sexual abuse is frequently link into the family system and so Family Constellations is vital in areas of sexual abuse recovery.
  • Emotional Mind Integration holds a guided safe space for self-healing from trauma that has taken place in life experiences that includes empowerment.
  • Rapid Core Healing integrates Systemic Family Constellations and EMI into one fluid integrated process.

Trauma Informed training

Rapid Core Healing has the knowledge and Skills required for fast safe and trauma informed processing.

For a wide range of trauma. From mild to more intense trauma such as PTSD

RCH is Trauma treatment for a wide range of trauma symptoms, such as:

  • disturbances
  • conflicts
  • emotional triggers
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder (PTSD)

With RCH there is no need for clients to retell their stories.

The RCH process does not re-traumatise the client.

Trauma is often the cause of many dysfunctions

Mental health, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, substance abuse.

Trauma occurs when situations are experienced that are shocking, overwhelming or threatening in nature. 

The ‘fight and flight’ response is triggered. If the hormones are not utilised in protection or running away they are frequently trapped in the body and subconscious mind. This frequently result in trauma symptoms of fear, anxiety, mental health or flash backs.

“I can highly recommend Yildiz and family constellation as an effective and easy way to resolve past traumas in one’s own life. Family constellation caters for all experience levels from first time goer to professional and the naturalness of the practice makes it a powerful tool for recovery and self actualisation.” James,  Melbourne

“I had been working with a client of mine on and off for years who was so stuck. I am so relieved that after my EMI training I was able to help him finally resolve his issue in one session. What a gift.”

Neuroscience and re-wiring the brain

Neuroscience has shown us that the brain is not hard wired. It can self heal with appropriate approaches, such as:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)
  • Family Constellations (FC)

Trauma Informed training

Comprehensive Trauma Therapy training may take place within 6 months (if the dates align) to become a trauma therapist. This is Certificated training.

“Yildiz’s EMI therapy is truly revolutionary- it will change the way trauma is resolved. Her training is as effective as the EMI method. Very transformational. Yildiz is a highly skilled teacher who delivers a wonderfully empowering week of training.”
~ Melissa Stinson coach and Family Constellations facilitator

“I had been working with a client of mine on and off for years who was so stuck. I am so relieved that after my EMI training I was able to help him finally resolve his issue in one session. What a gift.”

Trauma Recovery with Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing

Trauma Informed Processing

About Trauma Informed Therapy

Trauma Informed Training

Triple Mastery Trauma Training

Certificate in Emotional Mind Integration
Rapid Core Healing
“I had done so much training and higher education and yet still felt lost in how to assist many of my clients with complex issues. Since training with Yildiz, I am amazed to find that I am using Rapid Core Shift as my base model and really enjoying my work and seeing the results and transformations. It has dramatically changed the way I work and turned my business around. I highly recommend it.”

J Fallow (Psychotherapist of 25 years)

Why assist your clients in Managing or Surviving when they can Thrive?