Two Subconscious minds- Rapid Core Healing

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Rapid Core Healing

Two subconscious minds we need to consider for brief effective psychotherapy in the twenty-first century- Yildiz Sethi

The missing link for Family Constellator’s in becoming truly holistic.

 What if we had two subconscious minds?
Would or should that effect the way you work with your clients?

 There is no doubt that Family Constellations is a breath of fresh air, in providing a new way of seeing clients with a systemic eye. Providing us with a way of seeing a generational pattern when presented with common present-day human problems. Such as depression, anxiety, poor communication, relationships, confused parenting, impulses for affairs, attracting problematic partners, or not being able to find or commit to relationships.
Family Constellations is ground-breaking in providing us with what we need, so we don’t have to get stuck in the client’s problem in talk therapies.
Talk therapies as therapeutic processes, were appropriate approaches, before we knew what we know now. As we didn’t know any other ways than the Rogerian and many other styles of counselling to fall back on. Talk therapies first done by Freud assisting the client to off-load, feel heard and go into their thoughts and feelings, with the hope that through this, somehow, they will find their own solutions. Taking immense amounts of time for often questionable progress. The other traditional alternative has been traditional psychotherapies, that by their nature are designed for long term engagement to explore many aspects of thinking, feeling, behaviour and how individuals experience their world. Again, with the expectation or hope, that such explorations encourage positive change. These do work for lighter issues and over time, do go deeper into the psyche and into the subconscious mind. They do provide space to find connection with a significant other, the therapist and through this build rapport and trust, as they attempt to reconfigure their inner world. but require months or years of therapy. Again, often with limited progress in the examples of present-day problems that people present with, as mentioned previously.

Family Constellations provides a new way of approaching such problems for many presenting issues, that are based in generational patterns. Developed to assist people in the present to open up perspectives and awareness and the possibility of allowing solutions to arise, through brief, experiential therapeutic interventions.
One of our first tasks as alternative therapists is to begin the process of re-educating the public. They have been receiving a drip feed of messages from media and the medical model concerning mental health. Where counselling, diagnosis, cognitive behavioural therapies and medication are stated as the only solution available to managing symptoms. It’s not surprising that many don’t realise that there are other more effective ways to work with a wide range of problems. This is backed by neuroscience that states that the brain is capable of rewiring and epigenetics that shows that patterns, disturbances and trauma may be passed through generations Details, both of which have yet to be taken into the practice of the medical model. Neuroscience that says the brain can heal Details. So its up to us to re-educate those who come our way, about the effectiveness of working with such modalities as Family Constellations brief psychotherapy compared to talk therapies in general.

 For a while after becoming a Family Constellations practitioner I began to notice, amazing as this process is, it doesn’t always complete all psychotherapeutic healing of a client’s issue. For such cases, having exhausted all constellation approaches, I found myself falling back on my counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy approaches. Not knowing what else to do in support of my clients in their healing journey. It felt clumsy and frustrating and long winded, compared to the ease, flow, speed and satisfaction that both the client and the therapist receive through the constellation process.

This led to experimentation on my part, further study and trainings and the development of a new way of working. As I realised that where clients have deep and complex issues, they need to be viewed and treated in two separate ways. Engaging two separate parts of the brain. I began to realise that where a client has a complex problem, it frequently has a generational basis, where looking at it though a constellation is essential, but it also has a present-day aspect to it as well.
This frequently results in a continuing a generational pattern in their present life experience as well. Attracting similar people or situations into their lives. The present day experiences often becomes suppressed in the personal subconscious mind, particularly if they are painful (traumatic). These present day issues are frequently expressed as triggers, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and relational issues, sabotage and poor self-esteem. This time coming from personally lived experiences and the personal subconscious mind rather than the generational.
I found with Emotional Mind Integration, that I developed over many years of working with clients, where I learned so much, that I could start with their presenting symptoms (problem) and accurately use EMI somatic sensing, to locate and follow it to the cause and set up their inner world safely, so as to avoiding re-traumatisation during EMI processing

The EMI modality assists the client in finding their sense of justice, expression (being heard) or allows solutions to arise and is completed with an integration experience, for self-love and empowerment. From this sequence, miracles happened. All within a 60-minute session for the most part.

I had found what I was looking for in creating Emotional Mind Integration.
Providing a truly deep, effective and efficient way of working with the heart, mind and soul of those struggling with a wide range of mental health, personal disturbances, conflicts and traumas.
To my delight this also has become my main way of working with trauma and sexual abuse recovery with great results, in only a few sessions.
This is practical trauma Informed treatment for personal and generational trauma recovery.  The emphasis is practical. Theory into practice.

Emotional Mind Integration is a gentle, safe series of compatible present day psychotherapeutic techniques, streamed together to provide a structured approach that is reliable and replicable and very much underpinned by what neuroscience is telling us about how the brain can heal and do so quickly.

Emotional Mind Integration is an innovation in Mind Science- an advanced Neuro-trance psychotherapy.

For more details of the  importance of two subconscious minds, see the video on this page Constellation Empowerment Package See and home page See

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