Unleashing the Power of Rapid Core Healing: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health and Relationships for quick resolutions to issues.


Rapid Core Healing: A holistic approach to mental health, trauma recovery, and relationships that integrates psychotherapy, neuroscience, and epigenetics for rapid and effective healing.

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Understanding Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing distinguishes itself as a cutting-edge dual psychotherapeutic approach, distinct from traditional therapy, by integrating Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Family Constellations to address mental health, trauma recovery, and relationship issues. EMI, a core component of Rapid Core Healing, is designed to identify and resolve disturbed emotional mind states, while Family Constellations, the other essential element, focuses on addressing systemic issues within the family system. This holistic approach represents a significant departure from traditional therapy, as it draws on elements of major therapeutic modalities, including neuroscience and epigenetics, to ensure its reliability, accuracy, and effectiveness in addressing mental health and relationship concerns [1].

For instance, the book “Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing” includes case studies that exemplify the practical application of Rapid Core Healing principles. One such case study showcases how the approach was instrumental in helping a client overcome depression and successfully discontinue anti-depressant medication. This powerful example illustrates how Rapid Core Healing, through its integration of Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Family Constellations(FC), provides a unique and effective solution to mental health challenges, setting it apart from traditional therapeutic approaches.

Rapid Core Healing processes resolves issues by concentrating on cause rather than symptoms.

Rapid Core Healing’s innovative and holistic approach is the evolution of psychotherapy, as it uses present therapeutic techniques with the latest advancements in neuroscience and epigenetics. This integration enables practitioners to address mental health and relationship issues with a depth and efficacy that traditional therapy may not achieve.

If you have tried the traditional approaches and want to do  resolve your issues rather than concentrating on your symptoms then Rapid Core Healing  is for you.

Principles and Techniques of Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing is built upon a foundation of person-centered, humanistic, and solution-focused principles, setting it apart from traditional therapy approaches. It’s about integrating the latest findings from neuroscience, epigenetics, and innovation, to go beyond conventional methods.

The Rapid Core Healing is its approach to healing. It addresses not only the symptoms or surface-level issues but also delves into the underlying core of emotional, relational, and systemic challenges. For example, through Emotional Mind Integration (EMI), you are able to resolve disturbed emotional mind states, leading to a deeper understanding of their inner experiences and healing.

Family Constellations (within the Rapid Core Healing framework)s provide a unique process to explore systemic issues within the family system. By uncovering and addressing generationally based trauma, individuals can gain insights into the interplay of ancestral patterns and their own experiences resulting in profound healing.

No re-traumatisation

The incorporation of practical trauma-informed processing ensures that the therapeutic journey is safe and supportive, particularly when dealing with sensitive emotional and psychological issues. Creating a secure environment which allows the exploration and resolution of personal and systemic issues, without re-tramatisation.

How long does it to resolve an issue?

Rapid Core Healing’s approach typically requires only 2-4 sessions for most individuals (and some times only 1 session)  is a testament to its efficiency and potency in facilitating healing and growth.

Becoming a Rapid Core Healing Practitioner

Becoming a Rapid Core Healing practitioner involves an in-depth and comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to address mental health, trauma recovery, and relationship issues. The training is open to counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, coaches, and new practitioners,. The training is offering a unique opportunity to delve into personal development while gaining a holistic understanding of working with individuals (and yourself).

Rapid Core Healing training are required to have a mature and open-minded approach to learning, as the program integrates diverse therapeutic modalities, neuroscience, and epigenetics. By the completion of the training, you would be proficient in working with trauma recovery, relationships, mental health, and mindset.

Case Studies

The book “Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing” presents case studies that illustrate the transformative power of Rapid Core Healing. For instance, the book documents a successful case where a client was able to overcome depression and discontinue antidepressant medication through the implementation of Rapid Core Healing techniques. By delving into the client’s formative years and family system, Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Family Constellations (FC) processes were utilized to identify and resolve the root cause of the depression. Rapid Core Healing can bring about profound emotional healing and positive change in individuals’ lives.



Rapid Core Healing is a comprehensive and innovative approach that combines the latest findings in psychotherapy, neuroscience, and epigenetics to offer effective solutions for mental health, trauma recovery, and relationship issues. It does this by concentrating on causes not symptoms.

For individuals considering a career in Rapid Core Healing, the comprehensive training offers an opportunity to become proficient in addressing trauma recovery, relationships, mental health, and mindset through a dual modality approach. 

Yildiz  has been a practitioner for over 24 years and a teacher for 20 years. She uses these modalities for Practical Trauma-Informed Treatment:

  • Rapid Core Healing
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Family Constellations

These treatments are safe, effective and do not re-traumatise you.

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