The Power of Vision

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Innovation

We are all born with the ability to visualise. I believe it’s a vital part of our consciousness that is often muted in a large proportion of the population. Visualisation and imagination go hand in hand and are essential if we are to continue to grow and develop.

The problem is that many of us allow our vision to be restricted by an unimaginative education, where free thinking and imagination are not encouraged, particularly if we are to aspire to be smart, analytical or academic. While we do need to train the mind to be focused, engaged and problem solving, many educators lose sight of the value of imagination and vision. 

If we consider that we all have the potential of a kaleidoscope of possibilities that span three hundred and sixty degrees in all directions, how is it that so many of us appear to have tunnel vision?

The family, social class, societal, cultural and religious norms we are born into and education, work and career expectations, all have an impact in shaping and restricting our ability to visualise and hence our potential. While much of the socialisation we go through is well-meaning in helping us to fit into our world, socially and economically, it also clips our wings and limits us.  

I am the same in being limited by family, societal norms and education, but have made it my life’s task to continually challenge myself to go beyond so-called norms and society’s perceived limitations in order to reach new paradigms of reality. As an adult I believe it is our task to come out of our conditioning as much as possible, so as to develop and create ourselves and our unique reality. The more we do this the more our vision can expand and open up new possibilities.

If we cant see or visualise freely we don’t know what is available. It’s like being metaphorically blind.

With the ability to visualise we can imagine a new possibility. If we hold this in mind we are able to notice the cues or the steps that are readily available for us to utilise and play with. Yes I said play. A creative mind seeks to play with reality so that it constantly evolves. This is how creative people operate. Who is more creative than an artist, musician, author or dancer? (There are too many creative forums to mention here.) Each piece they create done playfully in a way that is an expression of a vision.

Einstein was a great example of a visionary. He spent many hours at his desk in his world of visualisation. Artistic yes, but in this state able to cross into other realms of knowledge to explore possibilities, which are only now being verified by scientific research. He was a genius. Interestingly, he was not a good school or university student, but came into his true potential when he was able to allow his ideas and visualisation to take form, freely. He was a truly inspiring, creative visionary who allowed the visual side of his consciousness to be the driver of his scientific career and analytical mind.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the earth.” Albert Einstein.

Vision is creativity that is fun and yes it may be risky too, but nothing new can happen unless we look outside what we know or has already been done.

Vision is central to my life and in my passion in creating Mind Science in practice. I assist people in making deep psychological change. This is a necessity because not everyone can release the blocks and restrictions they have by themselves, because they often reside in blind spots. I have made it my life’s work to develop ways of working with the mind that are highly effective in helping people free themselves to go beyond their limitations into new paradigms of reality. This is Mind Science in action for real growth that frees up the ability to visualise and create reality.

I know such freedom is not necessarily for everyone, because many are reasonably content with living a safe life of predictability and stability and are not seeking such personal growth and freedom. However more people are looking for growth than ever before.

For those who are ready, I hold workshops, seminars and personal sessions and write books. Be Rich AND Spiritualis a book about vision and creating your reality that may be of interest if this is where you are at. 

If you’re ready to expand your consciousness and reality, Mind Science in practice using Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing is a powerful step in growth and creativity.

More than ever those who are ready, need to be able to use their consciousness in powerful ways to create new possibilities that may save us all from the chaos that we have created on this planet.

Say yes to more visualisation.

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