Emotional Healing

Family Constellations with YildizThe brain is constantly changing and has the power to recover and heal as is being told to us through the latest in Neuroscience. This is great news for psychotherapy. No longer do most of us have to put up with feelings thoughts and behaviour patterns that were thought to be hard wired and couldn’t be changed according to the traditional model of mental health.

We all have to cope with life stressors and ups and downs.

Mostly we do the best with what we can and what we know.

However, many  life events are very stressful or even traumatic and they leave their toll. For the most part our own natural resilience will help us to resolve or find a better perspective on life events and our feelings. Sometimes this is not enough and we can save a great deal of time and suffering if we are assisted in resolving, letting, releasing or finding a healthier perspective on what we are carrying.

Emotional Healing can take place through RCH in a few sessions for most people. This covers such issues as depression, anxiety, trauma of many kinds including PTSD, panic attacks and negative feelings about yourself.

It is never too late to be assisted in using the power of your mind to find your most powerful healing path towards more wellbeing.

What is EMI?

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