Why awareness is not always enough. 

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Rapid Core Healing

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Awareness has been considered pivotal for a long time to personal development, growth and transformation.

This is because we put our thinking processes at the top of what we consider is who we are. We are conditioned into the idea that if we understand, research and find out all we can about a topic or problem, that somehow we growth. This may be true of philosophy and certain types of knowledge, but does not address human complexities such as matters of the heart, soul, desires and impulses.

We assume that raising awareness is a cerebral process and that thinking or understanding, opens our horizons in assisting us in becoming a better person. There is some merit in this, until we understand that the conscious mind is only approximately seven percent of our mind. What is in our thoughts, or behaviour is only what is visible or openly apparent to us.

The roots of our fears, negative beliefs and behaviours is in our unconscious mind.

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