Certificate in Rapid Core Healing Mastery 

Rapid Core Healing

RCHCertificate in the triple mastery Rapid Core Healing ™
online training.

for Fast release and clearing of personal and systemic disturbances, patterns and trauma
with the founder Yildiz Sethi.

What is Rapid Core Healing?

Triple mastery of:

Emotional Mind Integration
Family Constellations
Rapid Core Healing

Who is the founder of Rapid Core Healing?

Yildiz’s has put together the experiences and growth from the challenges in her life along with a passion for knowledge.
This includes studies in science, spirituality, psychotherapies that has been significantly enriched with her experiences with clients.
Developing and refining ‘what works’ to provide space for self-healing and growth that they seek. All of this has resulted in her innovations in mind science, that is offered to you in this unique training of Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration in Rapid Core Healing.

Yildiz has a rich experience as an educator and a passion for imparting knowledge and skills for those who wish to make a difference through Family Constellations.

Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is a revolutionary Triple, Master approach to
self-healing and growth.
With RCH you will gain the knowledge and skills to work with a wide range of relational and personal patterns and traumas in a gentle, deeply, effective and brief approach.

This is a synchronistic triple modality that acknowledges that many deeper issues that people face contain both systemic and personal aspects.

Systemic coming from former generations in the family system.
Personal coming from problematic or traumatic life experiences.

For deep resolutions both aspects require processing and this may take place in Rapid Core Healing.
For example, a relationship pattern, behaviour or trauma may have its roots in the family system and may also have been experienced in personal experiences as well.

Family Constellations is a powerful way of working with the systemic aspects.

However, what do we do with what is left of the issue in terms of the personal aspect of the issue? We may use counselling, long term psychotherapy, traditional hypnotherapy, NLP, the list goes on.
This question encouraged me to create a neuro trance psychotherapy Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) to work with the symptom or disturbance. Access the cause quickly work with EMI healing pathways and integration, all within one session at a time. Making EMI a great companion approach for Family Constellations.

This became the synchronistic master triple modality Rapid Core Healing.  

Suitable for relationships, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, disturbances, sabotage and trauma-related issues including PTSD and sexual abuse recovery.

Rapid Core Healing involves:

  • Systemic Family Constellations for the Systemic (Generational) part of an issue,

  • with EMI for the Personal part of the same issue, for completion and empowerment.

  • The third training of Rapid Core Healing provides advanced knowledge and skills for combining Personal and Systemic solutions.

This provides you with the skills and mastery to work successfully with a wide range of issues.

Certificate in Rapid Core Healing

With Rapid Core Healing:

  • Aquire a new career

  • Add new skills to your existing business

  • Learn to work online

  • Supervision for continued learning and support

  • Get insurance on completions

  • Start working!

Read About Rapid Core Healing book Details

Read About Rapid Core Healing Details

Rapid Core Healing
Rapid Core Healing

See the Video Explainer to get the picture of what is offered here

Enjoy a sample of  the Rapid Core Healing experience here

Rapid Core Healing/Shift includes

Trauma Informed training

Sexual Abuse Informed Recovery training


Trauma informed processing for the recovery of

 that is fast, gentle, effective and non-truamatising

requiring only a few sessions


Trauma Informed Processing

Rapid Core Healing RCHtriple mastery training

You will Receive 3 Certificates

Emotional Mind Integration 50 hours
Systemic Family Constellations 200 hours
Rapid Core Healing 50 hours
Total 300 hours
Rapid Core Shift

 Rapid Core Healing 3 Certificate training :

  • Systemic Family Constellations – 20 weeks 200 Hours
  • Emotional Mind Integration – 8 weeks 50 hours
  • Rapid Core Healing Final – 6 weeks 50 hours

New Practitioners:

  • You will need to complete a recommended short  “Code of conduct” online course.
  • Get indemnity insurance
  • You can start work in each certificate as you complete it. So, you don’t have to complete all 3 courses before you can start working.

Existing registered practitioners:

  • Add your Certificate training to your insurance.
  • Once you have your certificate you may start working and do further certificates when you are ready and transfer to diploma if you choose

    Post training support:

    • Supervision available for ongoing support
    • Ask to be added to our “trained by us webpage”

    Rapid Core Healing Final Training

    This training is carried out after you have completed FC and EMI courses. Details:

    • 6 week course
    • 10 tasks to complete prior to the experiential
    • Be present at the 5 days experiential component by zoom (Webinar 9).
    • Final completion task -Do 4 Case studies and submit a report on each.
    • If all is well- you are finished!
    • Receive your Certificate
    • You may join IICT (optional)
    • Get indemnity Insurance – essential
    • Start working

    Online Training:

    • Download zoom
    • Have a computer to work from
    • Reliable Internet.
    • Work at your own pace. Normally one webinar each week.
    • Complete required webinars before the Experiential week.

    You will be able to work with personal and systemic solutions in:

    • Private sessions in person
    • Private sessions online
    • Workshops and seminars in person
    • Workshops and seminars online

    With this modality you will be taught advanced skills in how to:

    1. Create great value for your clients and customers and
    2. professional satisfaction in really being able to make a difference

    Gain a wide range of skills

    You will have the knowledge and skills to work in a wide range of areas from the Personal & Systemic:

    Relationships, Parenting


    Family, blended family,

    Adoption, Fostering

    Renew poor attachment for self-esteem & empowerment,

    Mental health, Depression, anxiety, panic (excluding serious DSM5 diagnoses schizophrenia etc)

    Trauma therapy, including PTSD and generational trauma.

    Sexual abuse therapy, including incest and sexual assault recovery.

    Wellness, changing patterns

    Personal Development, growth, success,

    Rapid Core Healing
    Rapid Core Healing

    Dont miss a Bargain

    You may do your Rapid Core Healing triple mastery training
    buying one course at a time and completing with
    Rapid Core  Healing.


    • Emotional Mind Integration

    • Family Constellations

    • Rapid Core Healing


    Receive a big discount by purchasing the 3 trainings in One payment by credit card or Edstart payment plan


    Each part of the training includes PTSD and Sexual abuse recovery

    View the dates, times and Fees of Individual Certificates
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